My job is to trust…..

Soo.. Dec 12, 2016 ..Here I am  on my journey to ministry and trusting God with my life. Now I fought the idea of completely trusting God. And yes, as a believer trusting God didn’t come easy…Just because you accept Christ doesn’t mean we now have some kind of super powers lol NO!! y’all.. We have to go through this same journey..Even for a non believer. We fall down …We bleed..And we also cry no matter how Godly we( APPEAR).. 

Today is another day where I feel God is peeling off another layer of trusting him. He’s causing me to see that it’s not my job to figure out every single detail of my life, but instead trust him. Now I know for some this can be extremely hard.. but we can’t force Gods hand on any matter in our lives… When you order a pizza and they ask what toppings you want , blah and then they say okay  in 15 mins..And your like 15 mins???   LOL but you wait any way , also you have no choice so….LOLOLOLOL!!! BUT when you finally get it , everything you imaged the pizza to be is… and soo much more… I believe that how the Lord works… In order for him to bless you with what you ask him for you’re gonna have to wait..Or start the process all over again?? 

So today word says..stop trying to figure every single detail of everything out !! You have been doing this for so long , your always in high stress mode , and the result is nothing or a mess!!

Stop…..Please..Your job is to trust..

Excuse all the grammar problems ..LOL

your spoiled Christian LOL



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